Principal Staff

Cristofer Alfonso Alarcon: CEO

Founder. Principal developer.  CEO & Dir of Marketing.


Mike Owen: CFO.

CPA, took Cisco Public. ..Winery owner.


Raphael Metzger: Corporate Counsel.

US State Dept in S. A. & Afghanistan. Federal Lawyer.


Frederick Gundran: Security, Custodian of Record.

IRS Agent, Owner Sunrise Financial Services.  Ret. Dpt. Sheriff.  P.I.


Sherilyn Lum-Alarcon: Communications & Public Relations

BA Communications & Public Relations. Owner LPRC.


Marty Mendenhalll: Network Publisher

Writer and Internet Publisher. Publishes “Wine and Dine Gold Country”


Gerald Lum: Network Engineer

Lead technical engineer for Merrill Corporation Legal Solutions (DTI).  


Detail of founder:

1981Alarcon learns to program in Atari Basic for his first Atari 400.  Soon learns Microsoft Basic, and several other Internet related programming types.

1982Alarcon took first computer course in High School, [CIS-Computer Information Systems]

1986Alarcon took first college courses focused on business/psychology majors.

1977       Apple II Introduced and Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) introduced the TRS-80.

1984      Apple Lisa and Macintosh Introduced

1988      The Internet opens to commercial users.

1991Alarcon co-host an electronic BBS out of Livermore, CA.

1996Domain Name: ADOGNET.COM, Created on 1996-06-04

1998Domain Name: AECMEDIA.COM, Launches AEC Media, an online advertising network as Marketing Director.

1993 Mosaic, the first World Wide Web browser, is released.

1994 Public awareness of the World Wide Web – the information superhighway on the Internet – awakens with news coverage of its potential. Yahoo! opens.

1995 The wiki is invented.

1996 Rupert Murdoch starts Fox News Channel on cable TV.

1997 Blogging starts.

1998 Internet search engine Google starts up.

2003Domain Name: PLACERVILLE.INFO, Created on 2003-11-16

2000 Free online classified ads at Craigslist will grow to serve 500 cities with 30 million postings a month. This depletes newspaper classified ad sales, an important source of revenue.

2001 Wikipedia is created. Apple starts selling iPods.

2003 Second Life and MySpace starts.

2006Domain Name: WWBS.US, Created on 2006-03-22

2004 Facebook begins collecting friends. Flickr shares its first photographs. Podcasting starts.

2004 An Internet news aggregator,, lets users determine which news stories are most important.

2005 The Huffington Post internet news site mixes professional news gathering, opinion reporting and user-generated content.

2005 YouTube begins sharing videos.

2007Domain Name: PRPOND.COM, Created on 2007-01-17

2008Domain Name: INEDC.COM, Created on 2008-07-25

2006 Twitter begins to tweet.

2007 Rupert Murdoch purchases Dow Jones & Co., publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

2012      INEDC.COM retooled and redeployed

2014      Founded Mother Lode Syndicate