Internet Security Consulting


Business and Technology Expertise

WWBS has over 20 years of experience securing businesses. Our project managers, engineers and software development teams have the certifications and are highly competent IT experts coming from around the world, offering innovative ideas and dynamic solutions.

WWBS Internet Security Consulting Services helps to speed time to market by assisting customers with analysis, definition and prioritization of requirements, security analysis as well as policy and practice definition.

The objective of these services is to empower customers with valuable knowledge by identifying Internet Security business drivers related to unique needs, requirements, and priorities. This information is used to develop business cases, security requirement analysis, and security policy documents.

Small and medium enterprise companies today are facing threats from both sides of the law. On one side are the hackers, fraudsters, virus makers and disgruntled employees who will steal your data, sabotage your systems and potentially ruin your business. On the other side are government bodies imposing new rules and regulations, backed by significant legal penalties for those who don't comply.

SafeComs is here to help you protect your company from both sides of the battle line.

The product and service offerings at Safecoms are a unique blend of existing computer security systems, which were only available to big business, mixed together with internally developed applications to create a perfect combination targeting SMEs and SMBs, all backed up by years of expertise in the field of Information Systems Security and delivered according to a model of reliability usually only available to large corporations.

SafeComs innovative data security solutions for small and medium enterprises are second to none. We have been leaders in the field of computer security systems since 1999. Our expertise is unsurpassed and we now have the next generation of Business Data Solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the small and medium business market.


We can help you...

 You can achieve Internet Security by monitoring your Internet traffic

 There is a solution to your SPAM issue and SLOW emails or Network

 It is possible to recover data from a Crashed Hard Disk Drive

 You can be efficiently protected from Virus and Hackers

 Productivity of your Employees can be monitored and improved

 Open Source Software is a free legal alternative to expensive software licenses

 If your employees use illegal software, we can help before the BSA raids you…