Digital Advertising


Our team averages more than two decades of experience delivering web analytics and ad solutions to digital media organizations ranging in size from highly agile and innovative startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Thanks to our background – including years of experience we are comfortable serving as strategic advisors or managing implementation and integration work.

Our proprietary network layers offline and online data sources to help you build your brand, increase market share, and, ultimately, lift your in-store sales.

Hyperlocal Advertising aimed at neighborhood shoppers via local media sources, usually with a limited scale.  WWBS goes beyond local media sources to reach shoppers in precisely defined neighborhoods using proprietary Digital Zipcode technology, giving WWBS the ability to reach large groups of ideal shoppers while still retaining the precision of a hyperlocal campaign.

Through the MoLoSyndicate, WWBS draws millions of genuine users to its network and generates real engagement and conversions for your brand.  Combine that with our geographical and behavioral targeting capabilities, and you can bet that you'll start connecting with qualified customers.

WWBS provides the best return for Advertisers, Marketers, and Ad Agencies through the delivery of quality services, affordable prices, and unique customization that will fulfill the specific needs of today and tomorrow.

Our objective is to provide entrepreneurs with knowledgeable information and the best customer service in achieving their advertising needs. Our sales representative will provide you with practical campaign-planning advice and discover ad solutions that meet both your budget and your advertising objectives.

Why It Works?

  • Outstanding Customer Service

    Our account managers strive to understand what our advertisers need. We constantly monitor advertisers’ campaigns and provide suggestions how to make their campaigns more attractive, and to ensure that our advertiser get the best conversion results.

  • High Quality Traffic

    Besides contextual targeting & retargeting technology, we’ve pre-screened all websites in our publisher content network, so advertisers can ensure their brands are not thwarted by irrelevant websites.

  • Superior Technology

    With our superior targeting and ROI tracking technology, advertisers are given the opportunity to truly measure the effectiveness of their campaign as well as maximize their return on investment (ROI).

How It Works?

  • Create Your Ads

    After signing up as an advertiser with MoLoNews, go through the simple, step by step process to create your first advertisement.

  • Send Payment

    To activate the advertising campaign, add funds to your account through credit card, Paypal or Wire Transfer

  • Campaign Review Process

    Your ad will be quickly reviewed and approved by our customer service representative in 1-2 business days.

  • Your Ads Appear

    Your advertisements will be displayed on MoLo Publisher Content Network using the keyword/channel/geo targeting/retargeting that you set.

  • Your Business Generates Sales and Leads

    Potential customers interested in your product will see your ads and take the action.